The JCT Symposium & Exhibition is the largest UK conference event for traffic signals, bringing together traffic signal practitioners with manufacturers to maintain and develop a strong networking community. The symposium encourages the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practice, regardless of experience.

At this year’s exhibition NAL will be exhibiting our full product range which have been specifically designed for use within Traffic Signal industry, including:

  • Retention Socket systems
  • Chambers and duct systems
  • Controller cabinet bases
  • Manhole covers and frames
  • Carriageway loop and detector chambers
  • Termination enclosures
  • Flexible bollard systems
  • Temporary foundations and cable shroud
  • Demountable products

NAL will also be demonstrating the latest use for its Retention Socket as a simple and future-proofed option for EV charging infrastructure. As public charging networks are still in the relatively early stages of development, the technology continues to evolve rapidly. NAL have a number of solutions to meet the needs of this developing technology, which is likely to lead to EV charging points requiring more frequent upgrades than traditional street furniture.

The NAL team look forward to seeing everybody and discussing how the NAL product range can provide a maintenance free Traffic Signal installation.