Project Description

X-Last Nuvo Sign, Knightsbridge

Car charging Ubitricity

As the electric vehicle market grows ever more popular the demand for charging points increases. NAL have come up with an innovative solution which has been utilised by one of the leading charging infrastructure suppliers, Ubitricity.

Satellite charging bollards need to be installed close to the kerb to prevent electrical leads from becoming trip hazards, however being close to the kerb leaves the bollard more vulnerable to nudges and knocks from parking vehicles. Using traditional steel bollards for this has many drawbacks, if knocked the bollard would be bent out of its vertical position at an awkward angle as well as potentially causing damage to the parking vehicle.

To combat this problem NAL house the satellite technology within an X-Last bollard, which rebounds and reforms to its original position after impact. The satellite equipment is fixed to a flexible chassis and placed into the pre-installed X-Last ground socket followed by the bollard which is positioned over the chassis and secured in the socket. The ground socket allows for a simple removal in seconds if required.

View the X-Last impact bollard installation and demo video here.

Ubitricity bollard

Project: Satellite Car Charging Bollard Installation

Client: Westminster