Project Description

X-Last Nuvo – Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

NAL X-Last Jewellery Quarter

Birmingham City Council have installed multiple X-Last Nuvo bollards within the Jewellery Quarter to prevent motorists from blocking the warehouse entrance of a local business. The X-Last has been specifi ed by the local authority for meeting and exceeding the highways maintenance standard.

One particular requirement the client requested was for the ability to remove the bollards to allow delivery vehicles to enter the prohibited zone. This was achieved by installing the bollards in NAL Composite Sockets. These sockets have been designed specifically for X-Last bollards to enable the rapid installation and removal, using only a specialist key which is held by authorised personnel. This key provides access to the side chamber which houses a steel pin. With the bollard in place the pin is pushed into a pre-drilled hole in the bollard, locking it securely into place.

X-Last bollards are high strength yet passively safe due to the unique polymer material the bollards are manufactured from. This means after the most severe vehicular collision the bollard will return to its original, upright position within 30 minutes of impact, making them the most durable, maintenance free bollards available. More importantly, should a person collide into an X-Last bollard they are likely to sustain only minor injuries. Whereas, if they hit a traditional steel bollard the injuries would be more serious. Extensive testing has shown that X-Last bollards meet a HIC value (Head Injury Criterion) of 529, compared to the HIC value of 3500 for a steel bollard, which can cause permanent injury.

By opting for a demountable system the client can easily remove and replace bollards at any time, ensuring the warehouse entrance is no longer restricted.

NAL X-Last Nuvo Composite Socket

Project: Parking Prevention, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Product: X-Last Nuvo

Client: Birmingham City Council