Project Description

X-Last Nuvo Sign, Manchester

X-Last Nuvo Sign

Cycling in the UK has progressively become a more popular form of transport over recent years. According to the Active People Survey 3% (around 1.3 million) of people aged 16+ are cycling 5 times a week in England alone. This growing popularity has introduced the need for more cycle lanes and with that the need for safety.

Local authorities have recognised this and so Manchester City Council have introduced the X-Last Nuvo Sign bollard for signposting cycle routes, providing optimum safety for cyclists in the event of a collision. The flexibility of the bollard ensures minimal damage is caused while it also returns to it’s original form within 30 minutes from even the most severe impact.

The X-Last bollards have been installed in the NAL Retention Socket system allowing a quick and simple removal and replacement when required. Additionally the bollard has been illuminated with an LED up-light which is located below ground within the retention socket providing light to the cycle sign-face during hours of darkness. Furthermore the bollard utilises photocells which recognises when daylight is diminishing, triggering an automatic illumination which then deactivates when daylight re-emerges.

illuminated bollard

Project: Illuminated Cycle Routes

Product: X-Last Nuvo Sign (illuminated)

Client: Manchester City Council