Project Description

X-Last Hoop, Kensington

X-Last Hoop Kensington

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have installed an NAL X-Last Hoop bollard on Ladbroke Road in Notting Hill. Traditional steel hoop bollards are installed throughout the Notting Hill area however, due to continual issues with knocked down bollards as well as cyclists sustaining injuries from collisions, the local authority decided to utilise the X-Last design. The bollard was installed in NAL Retention Sockets making them fully demountable and easily replaceable.

The client required a bollard which was reboundable after vehicular impact as well passively safe to protect cyclists. A collision with a steel bollard has a HIC value (Head Injury Criterion) of 3500, which can cause irreversible injury.

The unique properties of the X-Last material gives the bollard a HIC value of just 529, meaning a cyclist should sustain only minor injuries. Furthermore, the bollard can endure over 1000 impacts without loss of strength, rebounding to its original upright position, making it the most durable, maintenance free and safe bollard available.

X-Last Hoop

Project: Kensington and Chelsea Cycleway Scheme

Product: X-Last Standard

Client: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea