Project Description

X-Last Gorge Solar Light, SMH Gloucestershire

X-Last Gorge Solar Light

SMH Fleet Solutions invested in the NAL X-Last Gorge Solar Light Bollard for the protection of the front of their Gloucester offices. With on-site parking located directly in front of the office, SMH required a bollard which offered both high strength and flexibility in case of vehicular collisions. Due to the nature of the business, commercial vehicles are constantly entering and exiting the premises and with operations until at least 10pm the additional specification of high visibility was required.

The range of X-Last Gorge were chosen for their sleek design, superior performance and the fact they integrated well with the aesthetic of the offices. The X-Last can withstand multiple impacts, being bent a full 90 degrees to ground level under as much as 490kgs and will return to its original form and strength. Impacts upon traditional steel bollards would not only damage the vehicle but would also require additional maintenance or replacement. The Solar Light installed on top of the bollards provides illumination from dusk until dawn making them highly visible to drivers, and utilises reflective bands for extra visibility.

The Gorge provides protection to the office from parking vehicles, without receiving or causing damage while the Solar Light unit requires no power source keeping installation simple and costs low.

X-Last Solar Light

Project: Facility Protection

Client: SMH Fleet Solutions