Project Description

X-Last EV Bollard, Oxford

NAL EV Charging Bollard

Crown Highways and Oxford City Council selected the Ubitricity EV car charging technology for a residential area of Oxford.  Ubitricity utilised the X-Last Manchester bollard to house the charging unit.

The electric charging points were installed for an electric black cab as part of Oxford City Councils initiative to install EV charging infrastructure across the city to make it a petrol and diesel free city centre by 2020.

Ubitricity utilised the X-Last bollard for this installation area as it withstands multiple impacts which are common place with the bollard being installed close to the carriageway. The system can take its power from close proximity street columns or feeder pillars.

The unique polymer material that the X-Last bollard is made from makes it flexible without loss of strength whilst also meaning that no earthing is required.  The bollards are fitted into composite sockets which allow for rapid removal and replacement for future upgrades.

NAL Ubitricity Manchester Bollard

Project: EV Black Cab Charging Points, Oxford

Client: Oxford City Council