Project Description

Lane Segregation – A44 Worcester

X-Last Nuvo A44 Worcester

With the requirement for a durable bollard to withstand potential and frequent vehicular impacts, Worcester City Council recognised the NAL X-Last Nuvo bollard as the optimum solution. Necessary to provide segregation to prevent vehicles entering prohibited zones on the A44 in Worcester, the client also opted to install bollards within NAL Composite Sockets.

Not only meeting, but exceeding the highways maintenance standard, X-Last Nuvo bollards were selected in this instance for their unrivalled strength; along with their complete flexibility, attributable to their manufacture from a unique polymer material. With the Health and Safety of motorists as a paramount concern, bollards have been designed to withstand over 1000 impacts and return to their original form within 30 minutes and, in the event of collision, motorists are highly unlikely to sustain serious injury due to the bollards’ flexibility – a stark contrast when compared to its traditional steel counterpart.

In direct comparison to historical methods of installation opting to install bollards, within NAL Composite Sockets, allows for a much faster and simpler installation process – along with a quick removal if required. Bollards are locked in by a sliding pin and then secured in the side chamber of the socket, which is then locked with a specialist key. This fully demountable system allows for uncompromised access if needed and facilitates any future upgrading; without the need for costly, disruptive and time-consuming excavation works.

NAL X-Last Nuvo Composite Socket

Project: A44 Lane Segregation

Product: X-Last Bollards

Client: Worcester City Council