Project Description

X-Last Baliza D150, Edinburgh

X-Last Baliza D150 Edinburgh

To section off the end of the line of a tram route, the City of Edinburgh Council needed a high resistance, durable yet maintenance free bollard. They turned to the X-Last range and chose the Baliza as the right product for the job. The X-Last Standard range has been designed to withstand multiple impacts of up to 490kgs of force, making the Baliza an ideal choice for the busy junction at York Place, where the end tram stop meets a set of traffic signals. The bollards prevent any risk of collisions by separating the tram line from the parallel road lane.

Because of its durability the Baliza can withstand over 1000 impacts and in the event of a severe collision, it will return to its original form within 30 minutes. Unlike traditional cast-iron or flexible bollards, the X-Last requires no maintenance once installed, incurring no future expenses.

This particular set of bollards were installed in the NAL Retention Socket system, enabling a quick installation and a simple removal when necessary.

X-Last Baliza D150

Project: Highway Segregation, Edinburgh


Client: The City of Edinburgh Council