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Traffic Signal Renovations, Rainsworth

Traffic Signal Renovations Rainsworth

Via East Midlands in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council utilised a range of NAL traffic signal products to upgrade pedestrian crossings at a junction in Rainsworth. NAL Retention Sockets were installed for housing both traffic signal poles and keep left bollards, while the site controller cabinet was installed upon a NAL Controller Cabinet Base (CCB).

Via East Midlands understand the major benefits of demountable street furniture for both illuminated and non-illuminated applications. Retention Sockets with a Duckfoot Bend base were installed, which enabled civils work to be completed prior to the electrical installation. The swivel base allows cabling from any direction, with positive duct connections running directly from the socket to the access chamber. Additionally, Non-illuminated Retention Sockets were installed for housing keep left bollards with a spigotted base for a quick and simple installation. The use of Retention Sockets has eradicated the need for additional civils work in the event of a knockdown, safeguarding against future costs. Furthermore, damaged street furniture is quickly and easily replaced, minimising disruption to road users.

Keeping installation and maintenance benefits in mind, the client installed the site controller cabinet upon a CCB. The CCB does not require traditional base seal, therefore eradicates COSHH requirements. Additionally, it simplifies the process of feeding cables from the duct network into the cabinet through the pre-drilled gland tray via the access door. Future cables can be easily added at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods and can be completed in half the time, ensuring normal operation of the roads can resume as soon as possible.

CCB DF 50x50

Project: Traffic Signal Renovations, Rainsworth

Client: Via East Midlands / Nottinghamshire County Council