Project Description

Traffic Signal Knockdown – A44 Worcester

Traffic Signal Knockdown A44

A traffic signal pole, situated at a Puffin Crossing on the A44 in Worcester, was recently knocked down due to a vehicular impact. Fortunately, as no injuries were sustained due to the collision, the installation of a replacement pole became the paramount concern; to guarantee the site was safe and fully operational.   

To future-proof for inevitable impacts in such a high-volume traffic area, Worcestershire County Council had installed traffic signal poles within NAL Retention Sockets and guaranteed easy cable access, if needed, by utilising the NAL STAKKAbox Chamber with a Composite Access Cover provided. Due to its unparalleled durability and 100-year life expectancy, the existing Retention Socket remained fully functional. Therefore, with the swift removal of the damaged pole, the socket was re-utilised and a replacement pole was quickly installed; without the need for expensive and disruptive excavation works.

Damaged cables were retrieved simply via the STAKKAbox Modula Access Chamber, entrance to which was provided by removing the low weight, anti-slip Composite Access Cover with a lifting key.  Both systems still intact and fully functional after impact. The new cable was then easily fed through the ducting system, via the existing STAKKAbox, and into the Duckfoot Bend of the Retention Socket.   

Attributable to this innovative method of installation, Worcestershire County Council was able to replace the damaged pole and re-activate the site in 2 hours, with minimal disruption and expenditure.

Duckfoot Modula

Project: Traffic Signal Knockdown, A44 Worcester

Client: Worcestershire County Council