Project Description

X-Last Bollards – Tachbrook Market

X-Last Tachbrook Market

Ubitricity has collaborated with NAL to provide durable and easy to maintain EV Charging points in Tachbrook Market in order to address time consuming and costly issues surrounding maintenance, upgrades and replacement of their satellite charging technology. Having witnessed the Local Authority within the City of Westminster utilising the NAL X-Last bollards and recognising the benefits afforded, Ubitricity approached NAL to discuss the possibility of housing their charging equipment inside the X-Last Bollard, to afford maximum protection.

The safest, most durable, flexible and impact resistant bollard on the market, the X-Last requires minimum maintenance; whilst facilitating maximum protection. Able to rebound to full strength upon multiple impacts, these bollards can be installed traditionally or within NAL Retention Sockets to provide a fully demountable system.

The collaboration was highly effective and, opting to install within Retention Sockets, has eradicated the need for additional civils work in the event of collision, as bollards are swiftly removed from the sockets with a key and spanner. Due to the X- Last bollard’s superior strength, satellite charging equipment is protected, significantly driving down maintenance costs and minimising disruption to the public should a replacement be required.

Further to this successful amalgamation, Ubitricity recognised an additional opportunity to futureproof their technology – by employing this solution to house their Simple Socket Plus equipment – used by market traders to supply power. It was established by installing equipment within NAL X-Last Bollards, Ubitricity could continue to provide traders with eco friendly, low cost energy, whilst minimising the damage caused by vehicular impacts within this busy environment.

X-Last Manchester Retention Socket

Project: Traffic Signal Refurbishment, The Bank Junction, London

Product: X-Last Standard

Client: City of Westminster