Project Description

Vehicular Collision Fire, St Ives Cambridgeshire

Vehicular Collision Fire St Ives

During early December 2020 a lorry which was transporting chemicals crashed on the A1096, London Road in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. The collision resulted in a massive fire requiring a team of 20 fire fighters to extinguish to roaring flames. The crash occurred next to Pelican crossing, which had an array of NAL traffic signal products installed.

As the flames engulfed the crossing the plastic signal heads and push button boxes melted, dripping down onto the heads of the NAL Retention Sockets which the traffic signal poles were installed in. Once the site was deemed safe the aftermath revealed that the Retention Sockets had been unaffected by the extreme heat and remained fully operational. When Dynniq came to replace the poles it was apparent the heat had warped them, making the demounting process more difficult and required the aid of a hiab to free them from the sockets.

Keep-left bollards which had been installed using a traditional method had also completely melted, and the surface mounted anchor points were destroyed requiring a complete replacement. The use of NAL Retention Sockets for the keep-left bollards would have avoided the extra civils work, requiring only a replacement bollard.

NAL Composite Covers had reacted to the extreme heat and become fibrous and so needed replacing, however the steel frames and STAKKAbox Modular access chambers remained perfectly intact and undamaged.

The use of NAL traffic signal products meant that less assets needed replacing, reducing the overall civils installation time.

Duckfoot STAKKAbox

Project: Vehicular Collision Fire

Client: Cambridgeshire County Council