Project Description

Rushwick Street Lighting Column Replacement

Rushwick Street Lighting Column Replacement

Worcestershire County Council required a permanent solution for installing a passively safe street lighting column. Situated on a busy ring road, the previous column had been knocked down in a vehicular collision and needed to be replaced.

The client selected to install the column within an NAL Retention Socket with Duckfoot Bend. A SIS Pillar electrical isolation system was also installed, recommended by NAL, to provide instant electrical disconnection to the new column, should further collisions occur. The Duckfoot Bend base is rotated to enable ducting to be positively connected from the socket to the pillar, allowing the electrical contractor to feed the power and SIS cables from the pillar, to the socket and up into the new column.

The civils contractor was able to install the Retention Socket and SIS pillar prior to the column and cabling installation, eradicating any civils downtime, potentially caused by waiting for electrical contractors. Road disruption is also reduced, as having a socket in place simplifies the erection and removal of the column. Able to withstand unlimited impacts of any force, the socket removes the need for civils work in the event of a collision, therefore significantly reducing future costs. The clients’ decision to utilise the SIS Pillar has greatly enhanced the safety of those in the vicinity if a collision occurs, as the system guarantees isolation of all volts within 0.2 seconds of impact.

Retention Socket SIS Pillar

Project: Lighting Column Replacement

Client: Worcestershire County Council