Project Description

RS50x50 Retention Socket | Weebol Bollard, Scunthorpe

Weebol Bollard Scunthorpe

North Lincolnshire Council have installed the NAL Retention Socket system with the Weebol Bollard on all islands within a large industrial estate in Scunthorpe.

With a high number of heavy goods vehicles passing through the estate the keep left bollards suffer regular vehicular impacts, and required constant maintenance costs on civils installations and replacement bollards.

The Weebol Bollard was specifically chosen for its durable, one piece moulded design that can withstand multiple impacts. Additionally, the bollard utilises a reflective material to the side elevation making it highly visible. In the unlikely event of Weebol failure the Retention Socket enables swift replacement of the bollard.

With no energy consumption needed and the NAL demountable system installed, these combined benefits provide immediate and long term cost savings leaving maintenance expenditure to be used in other projects.

NAL Weebol

Project: Keep Left Bollard Installation, Scunthorpe

Product: Weebol Bollard

Client: North Lincolnshire Council