Project Description

RS50x50 Retention Socket | Weebol Bollard, Kilmarnock

Weebol Bollard Killmarnock

East Ayrshire Council have adopted the NAL Retention Socket system for the installation of keep left Weebol Bollards on refuge islands in Kilmarnock.

The local authority required a system whereby damaged bollards could be easily replaced without the need for excavating foundations and re-installing. By using the NAL system the bollards are fully demountable. Should a bollard become damaged it is easily released and replaced from the socket using a key and spanner in under two minutes.

The Weebol Bollard was chosen to replace traditional internally illuminated keep left bollards. Requiring no power source this reflective, one piece design is one of the most durable and reliable bollards. The reflective sign face is rebated ensuring it isn’t damaged during impact and the bollard withstands multiple knockdowns.

By utilising this system the local authority saves on maintenance expenditure which would otherwise be used for excavations and civils work for bollard replacements.

NAL Weebol

Project: Keep Left Bollard Installation, Kilmarnock

Product: Weebol Bollard

Client: East Ayrshire Council