Project Description

RS50x50/Adapter Plate, Lambeth, London

RS50x50 Adapter Plate

During the refurbishment of traffic signals on the A3200 in Lambeth, Transport for London opted for the NAL Surface Mounted Retention Socket system for the installation of keep left bollards.

The system consists of a 50×50 Retention Socket which once established enables the rapid installation and removal of surface mounted street furniture, all with just a key and spanner. The system is accompanied by a spigoted adapter plate which is bolted onto the base of the bollard. The adapter plate will fit a number of bollard manufacturers making them versatile and future proof. Once positioned, the bollard is simply slotted into the Retention Socket and secured into place using the locking mechanism located in the side chamber.

Should the bollards become damaged they are easily removed and replaced in minutes without the need for disruptive traffic management.

NAL 50x50 Adapter Plate

Project: Traffic Signal Renovation, Lambeth, London

Client: Transport For London (TFL)