Project Description

Retention Socket, Victoria Park, Leicester

Victoria Park, Leicester

Leicester City Council has utilised the NAL Retention Socket system for the installation of illuminated bollards in Victoria Park, Leicester. The customer required a solution to simplify the cabling of multiple bollards which could also be removed for maintenance.

Cabling was simplified by using Duckfoot Bend and Tee Bend sockets. Both sockets rotate 360 degrees for multi-directional cabling and can be installed at shallow depth to overcome existing underground services.

Additionally the system enables the bollards to be removed from the sockets quickly when future maintenance is necessary. Even following a severe impact the cast iron sockets will remain intact and the foundations undisturbed, allowing the quick removal and replacement of bollards with only minimal traffic management.

tee bend retention socket

Project: Illuminated Bollard Installation, Victoria Park, Leicester

Client: Leicester City Council