Project Description

Retention Socket, Scarborough Open Air Theatre

Retention Socket Scarborough Open Air Theatre

Scarborough Borough Council voted to renovate the Scarborough Open Air Theatre to increase audience capacity by over 3070. Part of the new designs included a strong guardrail system to section off the standing stalls from the rest of the theatre. The designers recognised the benefits of utilising a demountable system and so the NAL Retention Socket system was installed.

Prior to the installation the venue used temporary railing which was not secure but also time consuming for event staff to set up. With the railing installed in Retention Sockets the guardrail can be left as a semi-permanent fixture which can be demounted at any time, providing flexibility for the venue.

By using this demountable system the guardrail can be removed rapidly whether for maintenance, vehicular access for event set up or emergencies and increased crowd capacity.

NAL Retention Socket 76mm CAM

Project: Guardrail Installation

Client: Scarborough Borough Council