Project Description

Weebol Bollard, Dundee

Weebol Bollard Dundee

Dundee City Council approached NAL regarding the installation of keep left bollards on a refuge island in need of refurbishment, within a busy residential area. The bollards had to be resilient -allowing for collisions- to ensure future maintenance costs would be kept to a minimum, and would need to be removed with ease, if necessary.

The client specified the NAL Weebol Bollard, designed with a recessed face to protect reflective material on impact, and due to its capacity to withstand multiple vehicular collisions, and ability to rebound to its original upright position. One of the most robust keep left bollards on the market, the Weebol’s design has been modified with a spigot to fit a 50x50mm Retention Socket. When the civils installation is complete, the Weebol is placed into the socket and secured by tightening the retaining bolts.

In selecting the Weebol Bollard based on its durability, Dundee City Council have significantly reduced future maintenance costs, allowing for additional expenditure on future projects. Installation within the universal Retention Socket, gives complete flexibility as it can accommodate any bollard and has guaranteed site personnel a swift and easy removal if required.

NAL Weebol

Project: Refuge Island Refurbishment

Product: Weebol Bollard

Client: Dundee City Council