Project Description

NAL MCX Cabinet Base | M6 Junction 16-19

Motorway Communications

The MCX Cabinet base, developed with Carillion, is being used on the M6 Jct 16-19 Smart Motorway.

The MCX base negates the need for base seal and allows the duct bungs to be installed in the STAKKAbox chamber below, at the duct entry apertures. The cables enter the chamber underneath the base, ensuring a smooth vertical transition to the gland tray, which has the correct glands for the cable diameter. This system simplifies the installation of cabinets due to the cables being fed in the correct position to their termination points, whereas traditionally the cables would enter the stool in any position.

The MCX base is ventilated by numerous louvres ensuring constant air flow, and as the base raises the cabinet, this allows for a more comfortable working height for engineers.

The MCX base allows future change as additional cables can easily be installed by removing the access door of the plinth, allowing the engineer to safely feed them through the aluminium gland tray.

smart motorway

Project: Smart Motoway Project

Client: Carillion