Project Description

Heras Fencing Adapter, Dunfermline

Heras Fencing Adapter Dunfermline

Heras fencing has been erected to section off a hazardous area next to a narrow public footpath in Dunfermline. Due to the long period that the fencing must remain in place, Fife City Council have installed NAL Retention Sockets along with the NAL Heras Fencing Adapter.

Traditional Heras Fencing bases take up a considerable area of the footpath, creating trip hazards for the general public. The Retention Socket uses a fraction of the space leaving the footpath clear of hazards and the fencing neatly to one side of the path. Additionally, the Retention Socket prevents the fencing from being moved or pushed over, providing a more stable and reliable base.

Once the work has been completed the local authority will have the option to install additional street furniture into the Retention Sockets, such as guardrail or signage.

NAL Heras Fencing Adapter

Project: Heras Fencing, Dunfermline

Client: Fife City Council