Project Description

NAL Detector Chamber, Edinburgh

NAL Detector Chamber Edinburgh M8

The City of Edinburgh Council have installed a number of NAL Detector Chambers within the M8 motorway on approach to traffic signals at a large centre island. These IP68 rated chambers have been designed to accommodate a variety of wireless detection devices, allowing the signal to transmit through the chambers composite material. In this case each chamber is housing a wireless magnetometer.

Lochwynd traffic contractors installed the system during the night to minimise traffic disruption on this busy motorway.

The installation process begins with a 175mm core drill excavation at a depth of 125mm. Once the cavity is cleared of debris and water a layer of high strength bedding mortar is added as a base for the chamber. Once installed the chamber is placed within the hole, level to the surrounding surface. The void is then backfilled with bitumen sealant or a high strength flowable grout. The entire process for a single chamber was completed in under 20 minutes.

Finally, the magnetometer is placed inside the chamber, ensuring the orientation coordinates with the direction of traffic. With the installation complete the system allows quick and easy access to the magnetometers for future maintenance, causing minimal disruption to road users.

NAL Detector Chamber

Project: Wireless Traffic Detection, M8, Edinburgh

Product: Detector Chamber

Client: City of Edinburgh Council