Project Description

Composite Covers, A1 Blackcat

Composite Cover A1

During a major street lighting scheme on the A1 ETDE utilised a number of NAL systems to include the NAL Composite Covers and Frames. The client required composite covers for multiple STAKKAbox access chamber installations in both black top and grass verge areas. It was imperative the covers did not suffer the same problems as traditional systems, such as black top and concrete surrounds cracking around the frame, weak frames collapsing and soil sinkage on grass verge installations leaving frames exposed.

The composite material is manufactured from lightweight yet durable re-enforced polyester resin meeting the EN124 B125 vertical load standard. The NAL cover provides long life with low maintenance costs. Holding the covers in position are galvanised, extra deep steel frames which can be secured directly on top of the STAKKAbox access chambers removing the traditional need for concrete surrounds in paved areas or grass verges. Additionally the frames are fabricated with internal louver supports providing superior strength ensuring no risk of collapse. By investing in this low maintenance system the customer saves long term expenditure which can be allocated to other schemes.

NAL Composite Cover

Project: A1 Blackcat Lighting Columns

Product: Composite Cover

Client: ETDE