Project Description

Manual Rotating Mast Arm, Dorset

Rotating Mast Arm Dorset

Dorset County Council required a system to enable efficient maintenance of traffic signals operating on the A30 in Sherbourne. With minimum disruption to motorists also key, along with the safety of site personnel, the client stipulated upkeep and any repairs would need to be conducted away from the carriageway.

These requirements were met as the client opted to utilise the NAL Manual Rotating Mast Arm, easily rotated by a single operative using a metal pole, which is stored within the column. To compliment this system, the decision to install it within the NAL Retention Socket, allowed the mast arm to rotate a full 360 degrees. Simply by loosening the bolts within the side chamber of the socket, with just a key and spanner, operatives were able to rotate the mast arm to a safe and manageable position.

In specifying the Manual Rotating Mast Arm, alongside the Retention Socket, Dorset County Council have enhanced the safety of site personnel as all maintenance procedures are now undertaken away from the carriageway. Consequentially, the need for traffic management and road closures has been eradicated, minimising disruption for commuters.

Manual Rotating Mast Arm

Project: Traffic Signal Maintenance

Client: Dorset County Council