Project Description

Manchester impact Bollard, Cardiff

Impactable Manchester

In a built up business estate near the Glamorgan Cricket Stadium, the City of Cardiff Council chose the NAL Manchester impact bollard when updating the bollards in Sophia Close. Impact Bollards have been placed to deter motorists from parking in unauthorised locations.

The bollards were installed within the NAL Retention Socket system, allowing them to be dismounted and replaced when required, removing the need for costly civils work. The Manchester impactable bollard boasts superior strength and flexibility due to its unique polymer formula, meaning it can withstand a severe impact and return to its original shape within 30 minutes, making them maintenance free.

While the durability makes them an ideal deterrent to motorists entering prohibited zones, the flexibility of the bollards offers a minimal risk of serious injury to pedestrians in the event of a collision, unlike traditional cast-iron bollards.

Furthermore, the bollards are non-corrosive and fire retardant making them virtually indestructible, incurring no maintenance costs.

Impactable Manchester Bollard

Project: New impacta Bollards, Cardiff

Product: Impact Bollards

Client: City of Cardiff Council