Project Description

Traffic Signal Refurbishment, The Shard

Temporary Foundation Signage

During the renewal of traffic signals in Southwark, TfL required a reliable solution for housing temporary signage and traffic signals while allowing the site to function normally for pedestrian usage. Traditional “poles in barrel” methods have historically proven to be ineffective as these can easily be blown over by the wind or pulled down by vandals. Moreover, the barrel is often used as a litter bin creating an unsightly mess and cannot easily be reused on future sites.

NAL Temporary Foundations provide a stable footprint for securing all types of illuminated and non-illuminated applications ranging from traffic signal poles and street lighting columns to signage posts and CCTV systems. Columns and posts are easily locked into the desired orientation with the Retention Socket, preventing theft or further rotation.

On this job TfL utilised the NAL Temporary Cable Shroud, which is retrofitted on site to conceal the foundation. Unlike traditional safety barriers the Cable Shroud provides a secure void around the Temporary Foundation, safely concealing electrical cables and joints. Additionally, the Cable Shroud reduces the footprint of traffic management, improving access for pedestrians during the works. Furthermore, the top section of the Cable Shroud has a sloped design to deter the public from depositing litter.

NAL 0.5 Temporary Foundation

Project: Traffic Signal Refurbishment

Client: Transport For London (TfL)