Project Description

Keep Left Bollard Renovations – A694 Blaydon

Surface Mounted Keep Left Blaydon

Gateshead County Council approached NAL to provide a solution to combat costly and time- consuming replacements of traditionally installed ‘keep left’ bollards situated on a busy road within the town of Blaydon. With a high risk of damage inevitable, due to the sheer volume of traffic, the client stipulated systems should allow for a swift replacement when necessary; without the need for expensive and disruptive excavation works.

The Technical Team at NAL advised all bollards are designed to perform well under impact.  However, the necessity for replacement is often due to the failure of traditional installation methods. The team therefore proposed the client should install bollards within NAL Retention Sockets, supplied with adapter plates, for ‘keep left’ bollards. In utilising this innovative solution, bollards can be removed and replaced within minutes, simply with a key and spanner and the Retention Socket allows for any future changes or upgrades.


Works were undertaken and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the project described as ‘far more cost effective’ when compared with traditional methods of installation and with the advantage of numerous additional benefits. Health and Safety implications faced by site operatives within this high-volume traffic area have dramatically reduced; along with the requirement for traffic management due to minimal time on site.

With no additional civils work required upon replacement, cost implications have significantly lessened, as has disruption to motorists. 

Surface Mounted Keep Left Socket Adapter Plate

Project: Keep Left Bollards Renovations

Client: Gateshead County Council