Project Description

Duckfoot, Durham VMS

Retention Socket Duckfoot Bend

Durham County Council chose to install a large VMS sign into NAL Retention Sockets to simplify the signs removal when maintenance is required. In doing so the sign is fully demountable, removing the need for costly and disruptive excavations.

When maintenance is needed the sign is removed from the sockets with only a key to open the socket side chamber lid, and a spanner to loosen the retention bolt, requiring minimal TM.

A major benefit of utilising the Duckfoot Bend Retention Socket is the 360 degree swivel base. Upon installation the base can be rotated to suit the direction of the power source, simplifying cabling. Once installed the cables are fed through the ducting, up into the socket and directly into the sign.

NAL Retention Socket Duck Foot Bend

Project: VMS Sign, Durham

Client: Durham County Council