Project Description

City Centre Cycle Parking – Birmingham

Cycle Racks Birmingham

In their aim to encourage people to cycle to work to reduce pollution and ease traffic congestion, Birmingham City Council have upgraded and installed new cycle racks throughout the city centre. Incorporating various designs to allow for charging points for electric bikes, the council installed numerous cycle hoops to ensure commuters were able to leave bikes safely and, within close-proximity to work-places.

As the backdrop for numerous events throughout the year, the council had to guarantee cycle hoops would not cause obstruction within the city centre, and therefore opted to utilise and install them within NAL non-illuminated Retention Sockets, to provide a fully demountable system, if required. Designed to secure all types of non-illuminated street furniture, removal is simple with a key and spanner. When sockets are idle, they are easily sealed with pedestrian plugs, leaving the footway clear of potential trip hazards.  With the likely risk of vehicular impacts and subsequent damage to cycle hoops to also consider – mainly attributable to HGV deliveries to retail outlets – installation within NAL Retention Sockets allows for a straightforward replacement, without any further civils work, significantly reducing costs and minimising disruption.

With the added advantage of a shallow depth excavation, site personnel were able to install Retention Sockets in less time, when compared to traditional and historical methods of installation and, were able to do so prior to the delivery of cycle hoops, ensuring no time was lost due to conflicting schedules.

Project: City Centre Cycle Parking – Birmingham

Client: Birmingham City Council