Project Description

Central Six Retail Park Belisha Beacons, Coventry

Central Six Retail Park Coventry Belisha Beacons

The team at NAL worked alongside Coventry City Council’s Street Lighting Department to advise and assist with the installation of Belisha Beacons at the city’s busy Central Six Retail Park. Requiring regular maintenance and often repair or replacement due to vehicular collision, the client opted to install beacons within NAL Retention Sockets, selected with the Duckfoot Bend base option.

Beacons are secured within NAL Retention Sockets and held in position by two retaining bolts; concealed within the side chamber of the socket. A quick and simple access to the chamber is granted with the provision of a specialist key – held by maintenance engineers. Once opened, bolts are then loosened to release the beacon from the socket. When not in use, the socket can be sealed with a steal pedestrian plug, which sits flush onto the finished surface, leaving pavements free of any trip hazards.

The Duckfoot Bend base option, affords a positive, single duct connection from the Retention Socket to the nearby access chamber. Able to rotate a full 360 degrees, the base enables multi-directional cabling, in order to accommodate site conditions and restraints.

On completion, feedback from Coventry City Council has been extremely positive. Both civils and electrical phases of the project were undertaken separately and at a time to suit, due to the prior installation of the NAL Retention Socket. Site personnel were able to complete all civils work in advance, before the delivery of the Belisha Beacons (historically housed on-site until ready for use) eradicating any risk of damage whilst in storage. In utilising this system, the client have guaranteed maintenance and any repairs, can be conducted quickly and with minimal effect in terms of disruption, time and cost. This is due to the swift removal and the non requirement for civils evacuations, the NAL socket affords.

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Project: Central Six Retail Park, Belisha Beacons, Coventry

Client: Coventry City Council