Project Description

Carriageway Loop Box, Kidderminster

Worcester County Council are installing the NAL Carriage Loop Box at their traffic signal junctions across the County. The carriageway Loop Box is constructed from ductile iron giving it a 40 tonne load rating. It is octagonal in shape which means it can be easily core drilled in the carriageway. Slot cutters can cut through the pre-formed composite blanking plates within the unit.

The inductive loops get fed through the loop box to a remote STAKKAbox access chamber. The loop box has a spigot that can accept 50mm of 100mm duct which is positively connected. Using the carriageway loop box eliminates the need for lot cutting through kerbs which eventually leads to costly and disruptive maintenance issues.

d400 loop

Project: Installing inductive loops, Kidderminster

Client: Worcestershire County Council