Project Description

Steel Ducting, Birmingham A38 Cycle Route

Steel Ducting A38

Birmingham City Council had a need for a shallow depth ducting solution for an illuminated cycle route on Bristol Road on the A38. To solve this issue the client installed the NAL Steel Ducting system.

A shallow depth installation was required due to obstructing tree roots, making standard ducting insufficient due to its low crush strength. By choosing NAL Steel Ducting the ducts were installed to the necessary depth, thus overcoming the issue.

NAL Steel Ducting is manufactured to a loading of EN124 class D400, providing superior crush strength compared to standard ducting systems. This benefited the customer as ducting could be installed as shallow as 200mm from the surface level in loose ground. Additionally, the ducting protects cables from any strikes in the future.

Furthermore, the ducting was connected to single sections of STAKKAbox Modula Access Chambers which can withstand a vertical load in excess of 40 tonnes, ensuring that the strength of the entire underground ducting system on this scheme was not compromised.

NAL Steel Ducting

Project: A38 Cycle Route

Product: Steel Ducting

Client: Birmingham City Council