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Retention Sockets Accessories

Covers and Security

The Retention Socket Side Chamber Covers are supplied with a T key or Tri key fixing as standard. We can supply other options as detailed below.

We also manufacture bespoke fixings to suit customer’s specific requirements. A range of bolt sheaf’s can be manufactured where extremely high levels of security is required.

Drop Kerb Wedge

This is a superficial unit which is secured to the top of the Retention Socket allowing it to be positioned in line with the surrounding ground surface.

This simplifies the installation of the Retention Socket in a tapered surface while ensuring posts remain vertical. It is available in one piece standard or two part retro fit units.

Post Protectors

NAL supply a wide range of Post Protectors to suit all the different materials posts are manufactured from e.g. Steel, Aluminium, and Composite etc.

These are available for all sizes of Retention Sockets and allow a spread in pressure when tightening the retaining bolts on to the post, this also prevent any damage to the surface of the pole.

QRE Pole Removal Tool

The Quick Release Extractor (QRE) and the Quick Release Wedge (QRW) are hand tools which have been designed to reduce the swelling at the point of impact on damaged street furniture. This enables the one person removal of all sheered or cut down posts in Retention Sockets.

The QRW has been developed to slide under the post which can then be rotated with an upward force being applied raising the post 30mm out of the Retention Socket.

Levelling Pole

The RS Levelling Pole is used to ensure Retention Sockets are installed vertically at civils installation stage eliminating the need to have street furniture on site during the civils works.

The pole is secured with locking nuts situated in the side chamber of the Socket meaning contractors can use the pole as a lever to achieve verticality.

Levelling poles and associated tool kits are supplied free of charge with every retention Socket order.

Reducers & Inserts

RS Reducers – enable smaller posts to be installed in larger Retention Sockets. Inserts are also available for bespoke shaped poles.

Tapered inserts – enable conical or octagonal columns to be installed in standard Retention Sockets.

Bolt down inserts – enable any type of bolt down street furniture to be secured into Retention Sockets.

Pole Locator Tool

The Pole Locator Tool has been developed to assist with the installation of columns into the NAL Retention Socket System. By locking the tool into place on the socket the curved edge creates a holding point allowing the column to be safely lifted into a vertical position and lowered into the Retention Socket. The tool can be used in different positions to allow for the column to be installed from different angles.