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STAKKAbox Accessories


A range of 6mm fully recycled low density polyethylene bases can be pre fitted to the access chamber eliminated the need to float a floor on site.

The pre made floors can be supplied with drilled drainage holes.

Duct Entry Saws

A wide range of various diameter circular saws to suit most duct sizes allow access holes to be drilled in the Stakkabox Access chamber while on site.

Manhole Lifting Keys

A range of long and short handled lifting keys are available for most manhole cover types and sizes.

Duct Adapters

A range of bespoke duct adapters and fittings in both PVC and galvanised steel. These products provide a smooth transition for standard and nonstandard duct sizes and are available in jointing collars, split collars, radius bends, T bends, and spur bends.

Access Step Irons

Pre fitted or retro fitted steps are available for chambers over 600mm deep to allow safe personnel entry and exit from chambers.

Cable Management

A range of de-mountable cable bearers of various lengths assist in the organisation of excess cables within the access chamber.

Equipment Shelves

A range of demountable shelves ensure all underground equipment is secured at the top of the access chamber allowing easy access for maintenance personnel. This product can be manufactured to suit specific customer requirements.

Eyebolts and Cable Anchors

A range of steel eyebolts and cast in cable anchors offer secure tethering points for cables within the Stakkabox access chamber system.