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Project Description

Non-illuminated, London Bollards

NAL Retention Socket system

During the renovation of Waterloo Place off Pall Mall, cast iron bollards were installed to prevent vehicular access to the Duke of York monument. To avoid time consuming and costly excavations in the event of a collision, the local authority installed the NAL Retention Socket system for the quick and easy installation of non-illuminated street furniture.

In the event of a collision the damaged bollard can be removed and replaced in seconds, requiring minimal TM and keeping public disruption to a minimum. Furthermore should the bollards require maintenance such as a fresh coat of paint, the local authority need no longer wait for ideal weather conditions. The bollards can be removed and taken indoors for the required maintenance and re-installed when ready.

NAL Retention Socket Non-illuminated

Project: Waterloo Place Refurbishment, London

Client: City of Westminster Council