Project Description

Duckfoot, Winchester VMS

RS168 duckfoot bend

In the city of Winchester, VMS signs were being installed in NAL Retention Sockets to simplify the initial installation. An RS168 duckfoot bend was chosen as the swivel bases can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing multi-directional cabling.

The system enables the installation of the VMS column using only a key and spanner. For security a specialist key is used to open the socket side chamber allowing access to the retention bolt. With the column positioned inside the socket this bolt is simply tightened with a spanner, firmly locking the column in place. Once secured the side chamber is re-established and locked.

By utilising the Retention Socket system the VMS sign is fully demountable, making future maintenance a quick and easy process. Should the column become damaged in a vehicular collision the use of a Retention Socket eliminates the traditional procedure of costly and disruptive excavations.

NAL Retention Socket Duck Foot Bend

Project: VMS Signs, Winchester

Client: Winchester City Council