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Project Description

Retention Socket, SPS 468 Chevron Installation, Bath

Retention Socket SignPost Solutions

Bath and North East Somerset Council chose to install new chevrons using NAL Retention Sockets alongside the recently developed 468 chevron by SignPost Solutions. The chevrons utilise SPS SignStr8 aluminium posts in both 80mm and 93mm diameter.

The installations took place on high speed roads where vehicular collisions to signs are a common occurrence. The primary requirement of the client was to provide a system whereby impacted chevrons could be easily and quickly replaced without the need for further excavation of any signposts.

The Retention Socket allows damaged posts to be removed and replaced within minutes ensuring maintenance teams and traffic management are on the highway for a minimum amount of time.

NAL Retention Socket SignPost Solutions

Project: SPS 468 Chevron Installation

Product: Retention Socket

Client: Bath And North East Somerset Council