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Project Description

Non-illuminated, Horse Guards Parade

Retention Socket Non-illuminated

When deciding on an alternative method to house tapered flag poles located around the Horse Guards Parade, Westminster City Council adopted the NAL Retention Socket System. As the flag columns were tapered, the NAL Retention Socket Reducer was required, reducing the socket diameter from 200mm to 180mm ensuring a secure installation.

The flat base socket is ideal for all non-illuminated applications. During installation the base can be cut down to accommodate possible existing underground services. Once installed the system allows for simple removal and replacement of flag poles when maintenance is required. Furthermore when the socket is not in use it is closed off with an anti-slip pedestrian plug sitting flush with the surface making the pavement safe for public use.

NAL Retention Socket Non-illuminated

Project: Flag Pole Installation, Horse Guards Parade Westminster

Client: City of Westminster Council