Project Description

Guardian Goalposts, Worcestershire

When Amey Water began work on a water pipeline project in Worcester, low-level overhead electricity cables made the site extremely hazardous for construction traffic. To protect workers and make them aware of the danger, NAL Guardian Goalposts were utilised.

Unlike makeshift pole-in-barrel systems NAL Goalposts are manufactured from non-conductive GRP, making them durable yet lightweight; totally safe and fully compliant with GS6 guidelines.

They can be erected by a single operative in minutes and secured, either by a galvanised steel base or a temporary concrete foundation block with a pre-installed Retention Socket. Finished in red and white the goalposts are highly visible and supplied with bunting, solid crossbar or cantilever arm options.

Project: Water Pipe Line, Worcestershire

Product: GS6 Goalposts

Client: Amey – Severn Trent Water