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Project Description

Demountable System, Worcester Victorian Market

Demountable Worcester Market

Within Worcester city there are three fully demountable sites where street furniture is removed and stored to make way for the annual Victorian Christmas market and fayre.

Two days before the market commences the local authority will remove an array of street furniture, all of which are installed in NAL Retention Sockets. Surface mounted benches which are located at Cathedral Plaza are bolted into threaded inserts held into place by the 50x50mm sockets. The benches are demounted by removing the bolts from the inserts. With the bench cleared the inserts are lifted out of the socket by loosening the retention bolts found in the side chamber.

Additionally cycle hoops are installed directly into RS48mm sockets. With the retention bolts loosened the hoops are simply lifted out and put into storage with the benches. Finally the empty sockets are secured with pedestrian plugs making the high street safe to walk and with the furniture cleared traders can begin setting up their market stalls.

NAL Demountable Worcester

Project: Worcester Victorian Christmas Market

Client: Worcester City Council