Access Chambers, Retention Sockets, Passive Safety


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Access Chambers, Retention Sockets, Passive Safety

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Access Chambers, Retention Sockets, Passive Safety

Specialist manufacturers of innovative and passively safe products. Retention Socket Systems (Retention Sockets include Non-Illumianted, Duckfoot Bend, Tee-Bend, Shallow Foundation (previously known as Bridge Deck Sockets) plus many Retention Socket Systems Accessories making up the NAL Ground Socket). Chamber and Duct Access Systems, (STAKKAAbox Modula Access Chambers and Accessories, Controller Cabinet Base and Temporary Controller Cabinet Base, Conversion Cabinet Base, Multiduct and Steel Ducting Systems, Ductile Iron and Composite Carriageway Loop Boxes, Joint Box and Quad Box Chambers and Covers). Manhole Covers and Frames, (Composite, Recessed, Ductile Iron, Security and Concrete Infill Covers and Frames) Electrical Products (passively safe disconnection systems, power pillars, electrical enclosures, traffic signal enclosure, ip68 pole plug and socket and ip68 reusable bottle joint). X-Last Bollards, (Illuminated, Non-Illuminated and Protect Range). Temporary Highway Products, (Guardian Goalpost overhead cable warning system, Temporary Foundations and Cable Shroud and Temporary Cabinet Controller Cabinet Base). Demountable Highway Products (Demountable Spigoted Feeder Pillar, Demountable Traffic and Cycle Islands and Demountable Market Power Pillars) and many Additional Products including Weebol Bollards, Rotating Mast Arm and the Cabilift and Columnate. Market leaders in Passive Safety, Retention Sockets and Access Chambers.

Now 20 years old, (established in 1996), NAL Limited initially launched a range of innovative Retention Sockets into the highways industry. This product range has since transformed the way all types of street furniture is fitted and, along with NAL Duct Access Chambers, has revolutionised the way Local Authorities and Highways Agency’s approach installations.